ATN News Live । এটিএন নিউজ লাইভ

ATN News channel is a 24-hour news TV channel in Bangladesh. It is a sister channel of ATN Bangla channel, another Bangladesh satellite TV channel.

History of ATN News

ATN News Channel broadcast its first test transmission on May 1, 2010 and officially went on air on June 7, 2010. World class television journalist and media personality Mishuk Munier joined ATN News channel as CEO and chief editor in November 2010. He worked with the TV station until his death on August 13, 2011. Noted Bangladeshi journalist Abed Khan took over the role of CEO and chief editor in 2011; he remained in that post until his resignation on April 20, 2013. Currently, Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman is the chairman of ATN News channel, while Sharker Firoz serves as CEO and advisor and Munni Saha acts as ATN News‘s head of news.